Mehrangarh Fort - Gates


Mehrangarh Fort is located in the city of Jodhpur and is one of the magnificent forts of India. The fort has seven gates, a number of temples, palaces and many other structures. Here we will discuss about the gates present in the fort.

Jai Pol and Fateh Pol

Jai Pol is the main entrance to the fort. It was built by Maharaja Man Singh in 1808 to celebrate his win over Maharaja Jagat Singh of Jaipur. Fateh Pol or Victory Gate was built by Ajit Singh. He built the gate to remember the taking back of the fort from Mughals in 1707.

Jai and Fateh Pol

Lakhna Pol or Dedh Kanghra Pol and Amriti Pol

Lakhna Pol was constructed during the reign of Maharaja Maldeo. The pol was destroyed during the battle with the army of Jaipur in 1807. Amriti Pol was constructed by Maharaja Maldeo which leads to the original entrance of the fort. The original entrance was constructed by Rao Jodha. This entrance had a boulder with two holes. A log was inserted through each hole for providing barrier.

Lakhna Pol

Loha Pol and Suraj Pol

Loha Pol was constructed in 15th century but its façade was constructed by Maharaja Maldeo in 16th century. The pol has the handprints of 15 queens who performed sati in which a wife or wives of a king burn themselves on funeral pyre of their husband.

Loha and Suraj Pol

Suraj Pol is considered as one of the oldest gates of the fort. There is a staircase at the entrance which leads to Moti Mahal.