Column AColumn B(a)$CH_3OH + CH_3COOH \rightarrow CH_3COOCH_3 + H_2O$(i) Addition reaction(b) $CH_2 = CH_2 + H_2\rightarrow CH_3 — CH_3$(ii) Substitution reaction(c) $CH_4 + Cl_2\xrightarrow {Sunlight} CH_3Cl + HCl$(iii) Neutralisation reaction(d) $CH_3COOH + NaOH \rightarrow CH_3COONa + H_2O$(iv) Esterification reaction"">

Match the reactions given in Column (A) with the names given in column (B).
Column AColumn B
(a)$CH_3OH + CH_3COOH \rightarrow CH_3COOCH_3 + H_2O$(i) Addition reaction
(b) $CH_2 = CH_2 + H_2\rightarrow CH_3 — CH_3$(ii) Substitution reaction
(c) $CH_4 + Cl_2\xrightarrow {Sunlight} CH_3Cl + HCl$(iii) Neutralisation reaction
(d) $CH_3COOH + NaOH \rightarrow CH_3COONa + H_2O$(iv) Esterification reaction

Column A
Column B
(a) $CH_3OH + CH_3COOH \rightarrow CH_3COOCH_3 + H_2O$

(iv) Esterification reaction

(b) $CH_2 = CH_2 + H_2\rightarrow  CH_3 — CH_3$
(i) Addition reaction
(c) $CH_4 + Cl_2\xrightarrow {Sunlight} CH_3Cl + HCl$
(ii) Substitution reaction
(d) $CH_3COOH + NaOH \rightarrow  CH_3COONa + H_2O$
(iii) Neutralisation reaction


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