Match the names of the Scientists given in column A with their contributions towards the understanding of the atomic structure as given in column B
Column AColumn B
(a) Ernest Rutherford(i) Indivisibility of atoms
(b) J.J.Thomson(ii) Stationary orbits
(c) Dalton(iii) Concept of the nucleus
(d) Neils Bohr(iv) Discovery of electrons
(e) James Chadwick(v) Atomic number
(f) E. Goldstein(vi) Neutron
(g) Mosley(vii) Canal rays

AcademicChemistryNCERTClass 9

Column AColumn B
(a) Ernest Rutherford

(iii) Concept of the nucleus

(b) J.J.Thomson

(iv) Discovery of electrons

(c) Dalton

(i) Indivisibility of atoms

(d) Neils Bohr
(ii) Stationary orbits
(e) James Chadwick
(vi) Neutron 
(f) E. Goldstein
(vii) Canal rays
(g) Mosley
(v) Atomic number
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