Match the chemical substances given in Column (A) with their appropriate application given in Column (B)
Column (A)Column (B)
(A) Bleaching powder(i) Preparation of glass
(B) Baking soda(ii) Production of H2 and Cl2
(C) Washing soda(iii) Decolourisation
(D) Sodium chloride(iv) Antacid

(a) A—(ii)

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Correct Answer: (c) A—(iii), B—(iv), C—(i), D—(ii)

Column (A)
Column (B)
(A) Bleaching powder
(iii) Decolourisation 
(B) Baking soda
(iv) Antacid 
(C) Washing soda

(i) Preparation of glass

(D) Sodium chloride
(ii) Production of H2 and Cl2
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