Column IColumn II(a)Surgical instruments(i)Plastic(b)Newspaper(ii)Animal product(c)Electrical switches(iii)Steel(d)Wool(iv)Plant product"">

Match the objects given in column I with the materials given in column II.
Column IColumn II
(a)Surgical instruments(i)Plastic
(b)Newspaper(ii)Animal product
(c)Electrical switches(iii)Steel
(d)Wool(iv)Plant product

Column I
Column II

(a) Surgical instruments

(iii) Steel
(b) Newspaper
(iv) Plant product
(c) Electrical switches
(i) Plastic
(d) Wool
(ii) Animal product
Sorting of objects into groups with each group having its own characteristic properties is called classification of objects. 

Purpose:  We sort objects into groups because it makes it convenient to study their properties and also observe any patterns in these properties. It also helps us to locate any object. 

Importance: It is easier and faster to find items in a sorted list than in an unsorted one. Moreover, it is easier to analyze the characteristics of materials and look for trends in their properties when they are sorted.

Explanation: The object surgical instruments are made from material steel.

The object newspaper is a plant product as the paper is made from plants.

Electrical switches are made up of plastics

Wool is fibre derived from the hairs of sheep and goats, hence it is an animal product.

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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