Match the important chemicals given in Column (A) with the chemical formulae given in Column (B)
Column (A)Column (B)
(a) Plaster of Paris(i) Ca(OH)2
(b) Gypsum(ii) CaSO4. ½ H2O
(c) Bleaching Powder(iii)CaSO4.2H2O
(d) Slaked Lime(iv) CaOCl2

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Column (A)
Column (B)
(a) Plaster of Paris
(ii) CaSO4. ½ H2
(b) Gypsum
(iii) CaSO4.2H2O
(c) Bleaching Powder

(iv) CaOCl2

(d) Slaked Lime
(i) Ca(OH)2
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