Magento - Setup Order Options

Magento provides various options for product orders and also reports of the ordered products.

Step 1 − Login to your Magento Admin Panel.

Step 2 − Go to Report menu and click on Orders under Sales option.

Magento Setup Order Options

Step 3 − The Total Ordered Report has some settings as shown in the following screen.

Magento Setup Order Options
  • Match Period To − It matches the product ordered date with order created data and updated date.

  • Period − It specifies the period such as day, year and month.

  • From and To − These options display the date of order, i.e. they specify the date on which the order was created date and the date up to which it is valid.

  • Order Status − It specifies the status of the order.

  • Empty Rows − If you don’t want to specify empty rows, then set Empty Rows field to No.

  • Show Actual Values − If you don’t want to display actual values of product, then set the field to No.

Step 4 − You can get a report of the order by clicking on the Show Report button and you can also save your ordered details in the CSV file format by clicking on the Export button.

Magento Setup Order Options