Magento - Database Performance

One of the most time consuming process of the Magento store is its interaction with the database. Optimizing Magento Database is an important task to maintain the Magento site. Magento saves a lot of database because of tracking. The E-commerce system must have a tracking module which shows information when something goes wrong with their order.

Following are some tips to improve the performance of database −

  • Unused data must be cleaned up regularly for better performance.

  • Optimize database queries.

  • Configure setting and limits of the database server (e.g. memory setting, query cache, sort buffer optimization).

You can optimize Magento database log cleaning as shown in the following steps −

Step 1 − Login to your Magento Admin Panel.

Step 2 − Go to System menu and click on the Configuration option.

Magento Database Performance

Step 3 − On the left side of the navigation bar, go to Advanced section and click on the System option.

Step 4 − Expand the Log Cleaning panel, change "Enable Log Cleaning" to Yes option and click the Save Config button.

Magento Database Performance