Know what Ad Size is Optimum for your Website?

Google advises its Adsense Publishers to switch ad formats as more number of Adwords advertisers tend to target these ad sizes. Hence, more competition will be there among the advertisers and it will lead to higher eCPMs, thus translating it into increased earning to the owners of the website.

As per the statistics, the best performing banner size is 300×250 medium rectangle and 336×280 large rectangle. That’s not all, in addition to standard IAB units, the Adsense program does support the custom sized ads which may be bigger than large rectangular ads. But, the big question is – will they perform better when compared to standard ads.

The rule of thumb is, the wider ad sizes generally outperform their taller counterparts, the reason being, their format is user friendly. The readers tend to absorb the information in terms of “thought units” which means several words at a time. We find wider size allowing them to read comfortably more text as glance without having to skip a line and return to the margin every word, as they would have to with a narrower ad.

There is no one size, which fits all solution, what might work on my site might or might not be the best solution for another website. All publishers are required to run A or B test on their site for a week and only then they can read any conclusion based on CPM and CTR of individuals Adsense ad units.

Spilt Testing is not a new concept for Adsense publishers, but due to introduction of asynchronous responsive ads, the earlier methods no longer work. The Adsense also offers a new feature called experiments, but that is primarily to search for a most effective color scheme for an ad unit and not for the most optimized ad sizes.

How You Can Spilt (A/B) Test your Adsense Ads?

Below, you can find, as to how you can perform split testing for Adsense ads on your own site. Presently, I am using the rectangle format, but you can follow the same approach if you wish to run split test against horizontal or vertical units.

You need to go to your AdSense dashboard, then create three new ad units, one is the large rectangle, medium rectangle, responsive ad. You should make a note of three slot ID’s of these ad units. Also, you are required to change ca-pub-xxx with your own Adsense publisher ID.

You should place the code anywhere in your web template and then let it run for a week. The above code would automatically serve roughly the same amount of ad impressions for each of the ad units.

After a week, then log into your Adsense dashboard, then performance reports next Ad units. The Second step would be selecting the 3 ad units which you have created and compare their CTR’s and CPM. The generated bar chart would provide

The generated bar chart would provide more informed decision, which is likely to increase your Adsense revenue.

The Top Ten banner sizes which make up 90%of all ad impressions.

Medium Rectangle – 300×250

Ad impressions Share-33%

The medium rectangle is most popular served banner size on Google’s display network. It does capture about a third of all served ad impressions.

Leader Board – 728×90

Ad Impression Share-32%

On the display board, the leaderboard is the 2nd most popular served banner format. It is mere one percentage point lagging behind the medium rectangle.

Wide Skyscraper – 160×600

Ad impression share -13%

On the display board, Wide skyscraper occupies the third most served banner format.

Banner – 468×60

Ad impression share – 3%

The Banner comes fourth place as the most popular served banner format.


Ad impression share – 120×600, Ad impression share – 2%

We find, the smaller version of the skyscraper does capture about 2% of all the served impressions.

Rectangle – 300×100

Ad impression share – 2%

Among the top ten banner size, we find the rectangle has displayed 2nd highest growth rate, i.e. nearing to 70% growth rate, hence the rectangle is a particular interest ad format.

Micro Bar-88×31

Ad impression share – 2%

In most cases, we find the Micro bar is used to advertise financial products. Even though, the total impression share is only a mere 2%. It probably captures a much larger impression share in the financial industry.

Half Page-300×600

Ad impression share -1%

The half-page banner is one of the premium ad sizes. It does makeup 1% of ad impressions. It has recorded about the growth rate about 37%.

Large Rectangle – 336×280

Ad impression share -1%

The large rectangle is known as bigger version of the medium rectangle This ad size does not only have much larger impression share, but it’s popularity is also grown, where the large rectangle is displaying the zero growth.

Mobile Leader Board – 320×50

Ad impression share -1%

The mobile Leaderboard occupies the 10th position in the top ten banner sizes. However, its growth rate is 119%, it is outpacing all other banner sizes. The strong growth is obviously driven by the overall growth in mobile traffic.

In your advertising mix, if you include this format, it will soon capture a much larger impression share.

Beyond the Top Ten Banner Sizes

When you are just starting out, the top three banner sizes would give you access to about 78% of all ad impressions. The top ten banner sizes does comprise about 90% of all the served impressions.

We find the beyond the top ten, it might get sometimes messy. There exist dozens of non-standard bar sizes which comprise an ad impression share of nearing to 10%.

Beyond the top ten, instead of designing the banner sizes for the tiny bit of extra impressions, you should make sure you must text ads in your Google Adwords display campaign.

On the display network, the Adwords text ads can run on any website because the Adwords would automatically re-size them in order to fit the requirements of a particular placement.

In case if you wish to experiment few banner sizes which are currently not in the top ten, they are listed below.

  • Portrait- 300 x1050 Large Mobile banner:320×100
  • Billboard:970X250 Large Leaderboard:970×90
  • Small square :200×200 Square :250×250
  • Mobile Leaderboard(small)-300×50 Small square :200×200

Selecting the appropriate sizes and placement of the advertisements plays a major role in attracting more viewers to your site. Try to be innovative and choose the format which suits according to your content and theme.

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