Is AI Content Helping or Hurting Your Website?

There are a lot of new AI tools that are being used to create content, and they can help you create a variety of different types of content, such as blogs and social media posts. However, are these tools actually helping us? Everyone is debating whether or not artificial intelligence-generated content will improve my website's search engine ranking. Is it a fatal blow to the industry after all the tools are fully accurate? Absolutely, it will ruin your website.

Google has made it clear that it doesn't allow the use of automated tools to produce content that is focused on manipulating search results. This practice is a violation of their spam policies. If a website owner believes that their AI content isn't used to manipulate rankings, then they might be making a big mistake.

What is AI-generated content?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of creating various types of content, such as videos and articles. Some of the most popular apps that use AI are Jasper AI and ChatGPT. These apps prompt users to scan the internet and provide relevant information, which then gets converted into text for easy transmission to other platforms. With that in mind, is it a good idea to use AI to create more content?

In 2022, many businesses that depended on AI to create content got into a mess after John Mueller, Google's search advocate, ruled that such content was considered spam. As a result, their SEO efforts were negatively affected, but many of them still continued to use such content.

Google changed its stance on how companies should use AI-generated content. The company said that it was not against the use of such content, but it was concerned that it was being used to improve search results without considering the quality of the work that was being produced. However, if a company was using these tools to create useful and relevant content, Google would not penalize them.

What’s Google’s position on AI-generated content?

Although Google doesn't explicitly discourage the use of AI-generated content, it has stated that it will still reward high-quality, original, and relevant content. They also stated that they would prefer content that demonstrates E-A-T qualities such as trustworthiness, experience, expertise, and authority.

Although E-A-T isn't a new concept, it is becoming more important as it relates to building trust with your audience and Google. It's already known that the use of AI can lead to the creation of misleading and inaccurate content, and readers will have difficulty distinguishing between fake and real information. According to Google, focusing on E-A-T can help boost website traffic.

AI-generated content is skyrocketing

Artificial intelligence is a system that can perform tasks typically performed by humans, such as making decisions and learning. Right now, there is an abundance of AI tools in all kinds of sizes and shapes. The adoption of these tools makes it easier than ever for anyone to create content, whether it’s a short article or a comprehensive report

The excitement surrounding the use of AI tools such as these is understandable, as they can help generate tonnes of content. However, there are also some things that when using these tools. One of these is the potential impact of using them on your content, as it can lead to the creation of similar content to that of others. This is not good for your SEO, and it can have a significant impact on the entire community.

Using AI tools will create an echo-chamber

Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content is often not authentic or unique. While algorithms may be able to mimic the style and tone of an existing piece, they can’t replace its originality and creativity. This can lead to issues such as damaging a undermining its credibility. In addition, using AI-generated practices.

Artificial intelligence tools make it incredibly easy to create content, and this has led the apparent elimination of the need for anyone to create new content. This leads to a state of affairs wherein ideas and thoughts remain unchanged, leading to a skewed and non-inclusive outlook on the world.

What works in your favor?

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to improving your online presence is consistency. According to the experts, there are two ways to maintain this: post frequently and create content that's related to your brand. This will depend on what you're planning on doing and how you want to achieve it. Having the right balance between both will help you reach your goals about how to create a consistent brand.

What works against you?

Despite the potential advantages of AI content generators, they still have a long way to go before they can truly replace humans in content creation. One of the main issues that they should be aware of is the potential for them to provide inaccurate or misleading information. For instance, Ayima claims that an AI content generator provided a false report about a telescope that took the first images of a planet outside of our solar system. This incident led to the company's stock price dropping. Although this is a minor error, it highlights the potential for them to get things wrong and could have a significant impact on your reputation.

What is the use of AI-generated content then?

Even if you were initially afraid that using AI-generated content would lead to penalties, there are still many ways that you can benefit from it. For instance, it can help you create content more quickly and easily by removing writer’s block. It can also be used to optimize pages and create content strategies. Due to technology's rapid evolution, it's hard to predict what will become more beneficial in the future.


Although it’s beneficial to use AI to create content, it depends on how you want to approach it. If you do not check the quality of the content that you create, then youmight not see the returns that you had hoped for. In addition, Google penalizes those who produce content to boost their search rankings without considering its value. This is because they don’t want to see content that is misleading or inaccurate.

While you can utilize AI tools in your content creation process, you still need to do a human edit before publishing. Before you publish, make sure that the content is thoroughly checked. Also, make sure that it is inclusive and has a good tone of voice.

Updated on: 24-Jul-2023


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