7 Surefire Ways to Get Quality Backlinks for Your Digital Marketing Website

Backlinks are crucial for improving your website's rankings on search engine results, like Google. You may have worked hard in your keyword research strategies and created amazing content. But your rankings will be affected if you fail to build superior-quality backlinks.

So, if you are doing SEO for your digital marketing website, make sure you are following all the strategies for yourself first before recommending them to clients. After all, your services are reflected through your own website. In addition, your potential clients would love to see how well your company website is performing before they can think of working with you!

What are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

Backlinks, also known as "inbound links", "one-way links", or "incoming links", are the links created between one web page to another, often on a related topic. In other words, if a website links to your website via anchor text used for a relevant keyword, then a backlink is created for your web page.

Google and other search engines treat backlinks as votes of confidence acquired by a particular web page, thus building the site's credibility in the eyes of web crawlers. As a result, web pages that receive a higher number of backlinks tend to rank higher on the SERPs (search engine results pages), thus receiving higher organic traffic.

A web page gaining lots of these external links usually stays in the top few sites on the SERPs. A popular example is that of Neil Patel, whose pages generally rank higher, which is why we can see his page every time we search for terms or queries like "content marketing tips" or "the best SEO tools".

7 Proven Strategies to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Digital Marketing Website

Following the right formula will help you dominate the search engine results and be on the good books of major search engines. Here are 7 ways you can generate high-quality backlinks for your online marketing site and build a high reputation for your brand.

Replicate Your Competitors' Backlinks

No, there's nothing to be guilty about since everybody needs to play the cards. The best part is that your competitors' backlinks are accessible to anyone and are easy to replicate. So, pick the best ones you feel would meet your needs, and ensure that your rival's website is related to yours.

For every competitor’s inbound link, try to analyze how they have won that link. If the link is from a guest article, then you can go ahead and request to become a contributor too.

On the other hand, if it was a product review or shout-out from a blogger or influencer, then you can contact that content creator and make them a deal with good pay or some free goodies in exchange for a review on your website and products. In short, replicating competitors' backlinks is a smart way to multiply your backlinks.

Track Your Competitors' Mentions

While the above tactic is effective, only spying on your rivals' backlinks and their sources is not enough. Keep track of whom they are mentioning on social media platforms to learn when and where they are being mentioned.

For instance, if one of your chosen competitor's clients has asked a question the audience, try to be the first person to offer help, or at least be the one with the most effective solution. In this way, you can build a good relationship with your potential customers. And who knows, the client may have a website and may even decide to endorse your brand name on that site, thus creating a valuable backlink for you.

Guest Blogging

If your SEO team focuses on guest blogging to create backlinks, they are right! Just like creating content for your own site's blog page, it's necessary to do guest blogging, which is the act of contributing blog articles for another individual or brand's blog page.

Guest blogging helps build strong relationships, website authority, brand exposure, and good-quality backlinks. It is, therefore, one of the best SEO techniques to make yourself heard and build your brand image while also gaining more social media followers.

Request Your Partners, Distributors, and Vendors

Another technique is to request quality backlinks from your partners, vendors, suppliers, and distributors who trust your brand. Since you are already their valuable client, you can request them to put up your brand name on their clientele page. This is a great white hat SEO method and can create backlinks quickly.

Collaborate with Influencers and Brands

This is an era of influencers on social media who are full of energy and great vibes, especially while promoting brands and giving them shout-outs. You can pick a few popular influencers and brands, as they have already created strong trust and credibility in the marketplace.

Moreover, they are more focused on a local area, allowing you to grow business in your local markets. Find an influencer in your particular niche, and ask them to review your products and services. In this way, you can create backlinks and build a positive brand image.

Create Informative and Engaging Content

If people are talking about you without making any requests, then nothing like it! That means you have an excellent content creation strategy, and they love your content.

So, aim for this reputation level by creating highly informative and targeted content for your website or blog pages. Moreover, by implementing vivid graphics, such as infographics, visitors will find your content more engaging and visually appealing.

So, create vivid content using illustrations and graphics to get people talking about you. Someone sitting in some corner of the world is checking out your beautiful content, thus creating a backlink for you out of sheer love and respect.

Use the Reverse Image Search

While you are creating excellent content using infographics and other illustrations, there are chances other web pages are using them without giving you the accreditation you deserve.

So, try performing a reverse image search to check who is using your images and illustrations. You can use the 'Search by Image' or 'Image Search' option to determine the sites that are using your images without attribution. Next, you can go ahead and ask them to give you the necessary credits for the graphics used, thus giving you more backlinks.


To conclude, we hope the above techniques work for you in building powerful backlinks and boosting your site's rankings. So, without further ado, start implementing them and test which ones work best for your business goals.

Also, we recommend you use a reliable SEO tool to help create high-quality backlinks faster. It will save you some time and effort by building the right links and help to gain results faster.