What is the Limit for AdWords Ad Characters?

Google has developed into considerably more than a simple web search. Google has become one of the finest ad networks any organization can hope for, constantly a worldwide audience coming to it to research items and amenities, data, news, solutions, and perhaps more.

The phone change brings the initial shift in digital advertising forms, and the subsequent development and acceptance of learning algorithms have brought about even more change in Google AdWords search advertising platforms.

What is the Limit for AdWords Ad Characters?

Google revealed a significant update to its ad layouts in Google AdWords Organic search traffic to meet the current requirements of the customers and give a better consumer experience. With Google AdWords, Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) are substituting Expandable Text Advertising (ETAs).

Character Limits for Google Search Advertising

The most prevalent type of Google ad is a result ad. A Google advertisement can include no fewer than three titles, two details, and ad elements. The third banner and subsequent explanation may not show for a variety based on their device. While developing digital advertising material, it is highly suggested that you include two leads and one caption.

An enlarged language ad can have up to 30 words per title. They should display side by side, split by a diagonal axis. The two summary fields have a maximum length of 90.

Google has prohibited the generation of extended text advertising beginning June 30th, 2022.

If you wish to produce extended text advertisements, it is best to switch to adaptable search engine marketing instead. To a search query, enhanced text advertising will resemble a retargeting ad. The option to add numerous headers and explanations is the key difference between both.

Google will also use algorithms to combine both sorts of advertising and create the optimal variant that it believes would succeed most effectively in a particular circumstance. As a result, it is advised that companies develop a single flexible search and display wording and let Google generate the optimal alternatives for business.

Google allows you to create up to fifteen heading variants of 30 characters each for a single retargeting ad. You may add no fewer than four versions of 90 words each for summaries and a maximum of two displayed URL routes of fifteen letters each.

Google will display consumers up to three headings and two captions in different configurations or sequences for every retargeting ad.

Adaptive online ads save business time by permitting you to supply numerous headers and captions at the same time, and they allow you to connect with more prospective consumers by connecting your advertising with more inquiries. These advertisements can also readily adjust to varied versus electronic, providing you more space to connect with your clients.

Google Ads Characters Count

Google call-only advertisements, as the name implies, may only encourage phone calls to your business, not website hits. Instead, call-only adverts display on mobile devices when searchers wish to contact a business by phone rather than visiting its website. These advertisements have a headline, description, and phone number.

You can include up to two titles of 30 characters each, an actual dealing of 25 lines, and no fewer than two descriptors of 90 protagonists each in one phone call ad. Using Google call-only advertisements, you can indeed add ad modifications. Additions are supplementary informational elements that you could place in your ad to provide more information on the company to consumers.

Site connections, reminders, organized samples, locations, issue buttons, and so on are examples of additions. Because notable features do not count against your descriptive text restriction, it is suggested that you employ those.

The number of characters for a web link ad amendment is 30 for something like the title and 25 for the explanation. The maximum length for a notification ad variation is 25. The number of characters for a hierarchical sample ad modification is also 25.

Character Count for Display Advertising on Google

In the Display Ads, Adwords advertisements provide aesthetically appealing adverts. These advertisements appear across many websites, applications, and Search online sites such as YouTube and Gmail. Display advertisements help you connect with people who aren't searching for you on Google. Flexible advertising sales adapt their size and look to match any prepared and mixed area.

You need to submit the components for your product image, such as the title, explanation, trademarks, films, and so on, and Google will alter how it looks to viewers. The word count for a large text is 30 for the header, 90 for the content, and 25 for the website address.

Google Ads Performance Character Limit

Google Performance Max is a goal-based campaign that gives marketers access to all of their Google AdWords assets through a full campaign. It is intended to supplement your search term research methodology by assisting you in locating additional leads that might be generated throughout all Google networks.

Efficiency Max optimizes your operation and continues to obtain higher rates of conversion by taking your targets into account. It optimizes the effectiveness of quality management on spending, demographic, accountability, and other factors using Google's smart pricing and digitization technologies.

How to Get Ready

  • Determine the search initiatives you have and which ad groups will require new advertising.

  • Create fresh promotional material or test new variations on current good ad copy.

  • Well before the shift, start testing retargeting advertising. Creating and evaluating ad text takes time, so get started as soon as possible.

  • Before the particular date, you have to include at minimum one retargeting ad in each cluster in the organic search traffic, and you may add up to three more after that.

  • Message advertising with larger text is not being removed.

Almost every ad received less information for assessing its success. This was especially troublesome in clients with little expenditure, because inadequate data given to the algorithm for machine learning might result in underperformance.


As a sponsored search advertiser, you should understand the importance of staying within the word limit for Google advertisements text. This is why every firm compiled a list of the size restrictions for text advertisements, Advertisements, advertising products, and contact ads. This should help the users to get more attentive.

Updated on: 04-May-2023


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