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Joomla - Mass Emailing

Mass Mail is used for sending emails to the group of registered users. Users can be selected based on groups.

Step 1 − To use this feature, go to UsersMass Mail Users as shown in the screen below.

Joomla Mass Emailing

Step 2 − The following screen shows Mass Mail window.

Joomla Mass Emailing

The Mass Mail window provides following options −

  • Subject − It is used for the Email subject.

  • Message − It adds the content of the Email.

  • Mail to Child User Groups − It is used to send Email to all child groups of the parent group.

  • Send in HTML Mode − It uses HTML code in the mail.

  • Send to disable users − Disable users will be included when sending mail, if it is checked.

  • Recipients as Bcc − It hides the recipient list and adds copy to site mail.

  • Group − It chooses a group to send the mail to.

At the top left, there's a toolbar with following options −

  • Send Mail − It is used to send an email once finished editing.

  • Cancel − It cancels the unsaved edits.