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Joomla - Creating Submenus

In this chapter, we will study about Creating Submenus in Joomla step by step. Submenu is a menu accessed from a general menu, it can be either shown as one menu with more than two levels or as separate menu modules.

Creating Submenus

Following are the simple steps to create submenus in Joomla.

Step 1 − Click on MenusMenu Manager as shown below.

joomla Creating Submenus

Step 2 − After clicking on Menu Manager you will get the following screen. Here we have already created a menu as Menu1 as shown below.

joomla Creating Submenus

Step 3 − Click directly on Menu1 link, you get the following screen.

joomla Creating Submenus

Step 4 − Create a new article called as Policy and later create a menu item called Policy as shown below −

joomla Creating Submenus

Follow the same steps to create menu from the chapter Joomla - Create Menus. But here we are creating submenus for Service so we have to use Menu Location as Menu1 and Select Parent Item as Service.

Step 5 − Click on the button Save & Close.

Step 6 − Repeating step (4) and step (5) we have created one more submenu called Additional Service.

Step 7 − After you have finished creating submenus in menu items, the Menu Manager − Menu Items will look like as shown below. We can see that there are two submenus present below the Service Menu.

joomla Creating Submenus

Step 8 − Repeating the above steps, we can create many similar submenus for other than service menu also.