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Joomla - Adding Template

In this chapter, we will study how to add / install Template in Joomla.

Adding Template

Following are the simple steps to add / install template in Joomla.

Step 1 − Click on ExtensionsExtension Manager as shown below.

joomla Adding Template

Step 2 − After clicking on Extension Manager, you will get the following screen. Here you can Upload / Install the template file either from the Web, package, Directory or URL. Choose the template file which is available on your system and later click on the Upload & Install button.

joomla Adding Template

Step 3 − After installing the template successfully, you can go to the template manager and see the new installed template present in the list as shown below.

joomla Adding Template


Following are the options on the toolbar of the Adding Template screen −

  • Default − Select the default template.

  • Edit − Select the template for editing.

  • Duplicate − Duplicate the copy of the selected template.

  • Delete − Delete the template from Joomla site.