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Joomla - Control Panel

The Control Panel provides default features and functions of Joomla to access through clickable icons, menu bar etc. When you login to the Joomla administrative panel, you will get the screen as shown below. Important icons of control panel and their functions are marked in the following screen −

joomla Control Panel

Article Content

There are four icons under the CONTENT section as shown below −

  • Add New Article − It creates a new article page.

  • Article Manager − It manages all your present articles.

  • Category Manager − It creates new categories and helps in publishing/unpublishing the categories.

  • Media Manager − It manages the files by uploading various new files or deleting the existing ones on your web server.

Structure Format

In STRUCTURE section, there are two groups of icons −

  • Menu Manager − Menu manager allows creating custom menus for your website and navigating through your website.

  • Module Manager − It manages the modules such as location and function of modules that are installed on site.

User Information

Under USERS section, there is one icon located −

  • User Manager − It manages the user information, which allows creating or deleting the user, changing passwords, time and languages. You can also assign the user to User Groups.

Set the configuration

Three icons are located under the CONFIGURATION section as given below −

  • Global Configuration − This is an important part in the Joomla back-end. Any changes made in this configuration, will affect the entire website.

  • Template Manager − It manages the templates used in the website.

  • Language Manager − It manages installed language by setting the default language for your site.

Install Extension

There are many Extensions available in Joomla. You can install different types of extensions to extend the functionality of the site.


In MAINTENANCE section, there are two icons located −

  • Joomla is up-to-date − It views the current update status of the Joomla installation.

  • All extensions are up-to-date − It views the current update status of the Joomla extension.

Logged-In User

It shows the administrator name who has logged in to the Joomla site.

Published Articles

It shows the published articles and also shows the present article, that you have published.

Information of Sites

It displays the details of the site such as OS name, version of PHP and MySQL etc and also shows the number of users that are using this site.