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Joomla - Customize Logo

In this chapter, we will study about how to Customize Logo in Joomla. You can add the logo for your web sites and customize it as per your need.

Joomla Customize Logo

Following are the simple steps used to set the customize logo in Joomla −

Step 1 − Click on ExtensionsTemplate Manager.

Joomla Customize Logo

Step 2 − After clicking on the Template Manager, following screen will get displayed.

Joomla Customize Logo

Step 3 − Click on the Hathor Default option, a screen as below will be displayed. You can customize the logo for your web site here.

Joomla Customize Logo

Following are the fields present in the Joomla Customize Logo page −

  • Show Site Name − Shows the name of the site in the template header.

  • Logo − Uploading the logo for the site. Click on the Select button to choose an image. You will get the following pop-up window when you click on the select button. Select the image from the following folder and click on Insert.

Joomla Customize Logo
  • Select Color − Select color for your logo.

  • Bold Text − Use the bold text.


Following are the toolbar options present −

  • Save − Saves your customized logo.

  • Save & Close − Saves the customized logo and closes the current screen.

  • Save & New − Saves the logo opens a new create customize logo screen.

  • Cancel − Cancels the customized logo in Joomla.