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Joomla - Cache Management

In this chapter, we will study about Joomla Cache Manager. You can install the cache controller plug-in which helps to improve the performance of Joomla. You can also turn off the cache on the particular pages and component.

Joomla Cache Management

Following are the simple steps used to set up the Joomla cache manager −

Step 1 − Click on Cache Management in Joomla Global Configuration. You will get the screen as shown below.

Joomla Cache Management

Following are the details of the fields present in the Joomla Cache Management page −

  • Configure − It is used to select the system for which your site should be used for caching. It also caches your PHP opcode.

  • Access Administration Interface − It allows users to access the administration interface.


Following are the toolbar options in Cache Management.

  • Save − Saves your Cache Manager Setting.

  • Save & Close − Saves the Cache Manager Setting and closes the current screen.

  • Cancel − Cancels the Cache Manager Setting in Joomla.

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