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JavaScript Modern ES6 - 2020 - The Complete Course

Created by Tharun K, Last Updated 21-Nov-2020, Language:English

JavaScript Modern ES6 - 2020 - The Complete Course

Learn Modern JavaScript ES6 from scratch till advanced in just 7 hours.

Created by Tharun K, Last Updated 21-Nov-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Modern ES6 Javascript 2020
  • Basic Syntax of JavaScript
  • Variables, Loops, Desicion Making statements in JavaScript
  • Functions in JavaScript
  • Objects in JavaScript
  • Arrays in JavaScript
  • Advanced ES6 JavaScript concepts: Class, Generators, Promises
  • JavaScript DOM from basics till advanced


  • HTML basics
  • CSS basics


I have taken the utmost care to refer a number of resources to give you the best experience in learning JavaScript. I have scrubbed the unnecessary topics and have composed this course of the essential topics with examples that you need to know. In this course, you will start off with the basics of JavaScript and also learn Objects, Object-oriented programming, and Promises. You will be ready to progress your software developer journey to build web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps or for any reason you wanted to learn javascript.

1. Learn all you need to know about JavaScript in an engaging way.

2. The videos are optimized to be viewed on the phone, so the font sizes are big and clear.

3. All of the videos are downloadable using the Udemy App and hence you can watch offline.

4. You will have Lifetime access to this course.

5. You can ask doubts at any point of course and your query will be resolved

6. You will get a Certificate of Completion

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn JavaScript
  • Web Developers who want to enter into or enhance their JavaScript knowledge
  • JavaScript developers who want to learn the latest ES6 Syntax
  • Developers who want to learn the advanced concepts of JavaScript
  • Those who want to explore JavaScript

Course Content

Tharun K

An enthusiastic web developer, who is ready to Teach code

Hey there everyone. I'm very excited to be a course Instructor on TutorialsPoint. I love sharing my knowledge with the developer community, If you aren't one, then by the time you saw my Profile, Ola! You already are now. So what are you waiting for? Come have a great journey with me, sharing the knowledge you have with me. See you there.