ITIL - Service Portfolio Management


Service Portfolios

Service portfolio contains description of all the services engaged throughout the service lifecycle. It also represents the commitment and investment made by service provider across all customers and market spaces.

Service catalogue is subset of service portfolio and contains presently active services in service operation phase. We will discuss service catalogue in detail as part of service design process.

Service Portfolio Management

Service portfolio management ensures that the service provider is offering right combination of services to meet the customer’s need.

Service Portfolio Manager is the process owner of this process.

The purpose of service portfolio management is to provide answer to the following questions −

  • Why should customer buy this service?
  • Why should they buy from us?
  • What form does the pricing structure take?
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses, priorities and risks?
  • How should we apply our resources and capabilities?

Sub Processes

Service portfolio management includes sub processes as shown in the following diagram −



The purpose of this process is to define desired results of a service.


The purpose of this process is to analyze the impact of proposed new service or changed service on existing services in service portfolio.


The purpose of this process is to submit change proposal to change management and to initiate the design stage for the new or changed service if change proposal is authorized.


The purpose of this process is to communicate decisions, allocate resources and charter services.