ITIL - Strategy Generation


For positive results, service provider needs to plan his services strategically. A good service strategy defines a unique approach for delivering better value.

Service Strategy Manager is the process owner of this process.

Service Generation Sub processes

Strategy Management comprises of four activities as discussed below −

Defining the market

It is necessary to take survey of services available in the market. It gives a clear perspective of cost and quality of services already present and what new service can be offered in competitive environment.

Developing offerings

In this service provider develops a portfolio which contain all the services that are visible and available for the customer. Service portfolio is developed in order to represent all binding service investments towards the market.

Developing strategic assets

It deals with purchasing new technologies, resources and capabilities to offer low-cost and high-value service to the customer.

Measuring and preparation for implementation of strategy

In order to measure success or failure of the strategy, all critical success factors are measured. Also the completion in the market is observed and priorities are adjusted accordingly.