ITIL - Business Relationship Management

This chapter discusses the aspects of business relationship management in ITIL in detail.


A relationship is a connection between two people or things. In case of Business Relationship Management, it is the connection between IT service provider and the business while in Configuration Management it is a connection between two configured items that are dependent on each other.

Business Relationship Management process ensures good relationship between service provider and the customer. It is generally achieved by identifying, understanding, and supporting customer’s need and appropriate services are developed to meet those needs.

Business Relationship Management generally includes −

  • Managing personal relationships with managers

  • Providing input to Service Portfolio Management

  • Ensuring that IT service provider is satisfying the customer’s need

Business Relationship Manager is the process owner of this process.


Business Relationship Management includes following sub-processes −

Maintain Customer Relationship

This process ensures that service provider understands customer’s need and set up relationships with new potential customers.

Identify Service Requirements

This process ensures that service provider have complete understanding of output of a service and to decide if the customer’s need can be fulfilled using an existing service offering or if a new service needs to be created.

Sign up customers to Standard Services

This process deals with customer requirements and service level agreements.

Handle Customer Complaints

The objective of this process is to record customer’s complaints and take corrective action if required.

Monitor Customer Complaints

The objective of this process is to monitor the processing status of customer’s complaints.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The objective of this process is to identify the scopes where customer expectations are not being met.