Is it true that the color of our eyes indicates our health condition?

It's Melanin, which not only gives color to eyes but also to skin and hair. Genetics also play a major role in deciding the color of skin, eye, and hair. The color of the eyes gives a lot of details about the health condition of a person. Following are the various disorders that could be diagnosed as per the color of the eyes.

  • Gray Ring around the edge of the cornea called arcus senilis in Medical terms, suggests high cholesterol and triglycerides which pose a risk for heart attack and stroke.

  • A Red Eye with a spot of blood on the white part of the eye is called subconjunctival hemorrhage and is scary to look at. It may depict high blood pressure or any sort of clotting disorder.

  • Brown Eyes is a condition in which there is a bump with blood vessels, often on the lower eyelid which is indicative of the person prone to a tumor or cancer.

  • Yellow Eye means the sclera of the eye is yellow which clearly shows jaundice.

  • Persistent Lumps on the eyelid, present for longer than two to three months indicates Tumour as it could be possibly cancerous.

  • Golden Brown or Greenish Yellow colored ring on the cornea suggests Wilson’s disease and is very harmful.

  • Blue Eyes is due to the sparsity of light-absorbing pigment in the eye. This is again an abnormality as it relates to the poor visibility and sight.

In case of any of the observed signs and symptoms, one must visit an eye-specialist without a delay.