Introduction to Pharmaceutical / Health IT

Foundation and Refresher course Pharmaceutical / Health IT


This course has been carefully created to provide you, in an efficient and timely manner,  the most important points related to Health IT based on 20 years of experience in the Healthcare industry. Healthcare IT is a multidisciplinary field that touches IT, ethics, regulations, legal, business analysis, project management, quality assurance, compliance, and training. Developing the skills and interest these areas will enable you to become a System Manager / Product Owner in the Pharmaceutical or Health care industry. This role is extremely exciting and will allow you to manage critical systems impacting patients lives.

This course will provide you with a foundation of Health IT and the various disciplines involved. You will be introduced to the importance of Health IT, the risks when IT goes wrong, the importance of risk assessments (including an interesting example from the aviation industry), Computer System Validation, System Development Life Cycle Models, Good Practice Regulations (GxP), the history of GxP, and a brief overview of Business Analysis as applied to Health IT. 

This course is useful for persons looking to change careers, those interested in Health IT, experienced professionals desiring a refresher, persons entering the Pharmaceutical and health care industry for the first time. By attending this course you will have the opportunity for career advise and further coaching.

Who this course is for:

  • IT Graduates interested in pursuing a career in Health IT
  • Managers interested in managing Health IT systems
  • Health IT professionals seeking a refresher training
  • People curious about Health IT
  • Those looking for a career change to the Pharmaceutical Industry or Health Industry


  • Principles of Pharma / Health IT systems

  • Computer System Validation

  • Good Practice Regulations

  • Health IT System Development Life Cycle Models


  • Interest in Health IT

  • Basic knowledge of the system development life cycle

  • Interest in joining the Pharmaceutical Industry

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  • Introduction to Health IT
  • Computer System Validation
  • Good Practice Regulations (GxP)
  • System Development Lifecycle Models
  • Business Analysis - Brief Overview
  • Conclusion
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Introduction to Pharmaceutical / Health IT
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