Intro To ZBrush Human Anatomy Sculpting(ZBrushCore 2021)

Learn anatomy sculpting in ZBrushCore 2021 with this course and improve your character sculpting skills


After seeing the struggle of the limited courses recorded in ZBrushCore we are glad to introduce a beginner course, an introduction to ZBrush & ZBrushCore. Please note that this course was putted together by merging different classes which were recorded in different times.

While this is a introduction course we made sure you will also learn character sculpting from a Sphere blocking out the  skeleton, go through the main superficial muscles that after the skin than we add our skin surface on top.

Learn anatomy sculpting in ZBrushCore 2021 with this course and improve your character sculpting skills, Anatomy being the most crucial for a character or creature artist but it is the most ignored topic in the industry. We teach and always press this that anatomy is surely the foundation for every character/creature artist or animator etc.

Many students get discouraged when it comes to studying anatomy because we are all drawn to all the fine details and realistic renders, I must confess i was also like that when i begun. I was so ignorant of the anatomy for such a long time until i got stuck in this hole where i finally didn't know what was wrong with my art and i couldn't solve it, only to find my primary and secondary forms where not in place(which is anatomy).

  1. We will cover the entire ZBrushCore UI/Menus

  2. All major Shortcuts

  3. And functions

  4. Start Our Sculpt from a Sphere

  5. Block out Basic bony land marks that are important

  6. Go through our superficial muscles that are important and affect the skin

  7. After muscles we will add our skin layer on top

  8. Than lastly we will cover proportions

  9. Project ZBrush files will be provided for each lecture sections so everyone can follow along(Personal use only)

And for any questions or further assistance i will be surely available to assist where i possibly can. So i hope you ready because I am, open up ZBrush or ZBrushCore and lets start sculpting.


  • ZBrushCore Interface
  • ZBrush Shortcuts
  • Sculpting a male character from a sphere to a complete anatomically correct 3D model


  • Should have ZBrushCore or ZBrush
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Intro To ZBrush Human Anatomy Sculpting(ZBrushCore 2021)
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