If you got a chance to make 3 changes in our law system, then what will you change and why?

If I am given a chance to make changes in our law system, I would like to change these three things.

  • The top priority change in the law system should be a fast-track trial for the rape convicts. They should be given the toughest punishment at the earliest. Ideally, they should be punished within 3 days of committing the crime and the courts which are responsible for such trials will not have any holidays. That should become a deadly warning for the people to even think about committing such crimes.

  • The caste reservation system should be abolished and only meritorious should be given the priority. Instead of giving reservations, give them equal opportunity and required preparation amenities to win the open competition.

  • Traffic rules should be followed very strictly. Laws should be made very strict for people who do not follow traffic rules. Severe physical and financial punishments should be implemented to curb traffic violations and people who make accidents should be punished severely and that too on a priority basis.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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