I want to use 'Multani Mitti' for my skin. Are there any natural beauty packs for the same that I can make at home?

Known by the scientific name “Fuller’s Earth”, 'Multani Mitti' has been used to get rid of skin issues and imparts radiant skin since ages in India. It is basically an abundant source of minerals like magnesium, quartz, calcium, iron, calcite and dolomite.

Beauty packs using 'Multani Mitti' and their Benefits

  • Multani Mitti' is known for its excellent exfoliating properties as it efficiently removes dead cells from the top layers of your skin and unclogs the pores. For acting like a scrub, you can use 'multani mitti' along with walnut powder and add some water to make its paste. You will have to rinse later with cold water and then apply 'gulab jal' as a toner.

  • To get instant glow onto your face, use multani mitti, with aloevera gel and honey. The aloevera gel has a bundle of amazing benefits and honey makes your skin soft.

  • In order to use multani mitti to help regularize oil production for both oily and dry skin types, you can use it with raw milk and turmeric. The multani mitti, milk and turmeric pack is simply a variation to ubtan that our grandparents used for the skin. It is an effective tool against acne as it helps draw out the oil and impurities from your skin. Now in order to use it for that purpose, use multani mitti, with gulab jal and tomato juice. Tomato juice is really soothing and will absorb any extra oil and moisture, when used with multani mitti.

These are the easy and beneficial ways to use 'multani mitti' as a face pack.