How will technology help us in the coming future?

Technology is awesome and it has to offer a lot to mankind. While the advent of AR & VR, smart home tech, big data or the different health-care systems are already creating a buzz, there is a lot more coming in the future years that can help people in many ways. Some of which are:

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is a complicated technology used by the big Wall Street companies and that aims to speed up the already zooming pace of international finance. However, this technology is devised to help people both the financial status.

Whether it’s the upper crust or the poor people, it helps them exchange money across the world securely, that is, with no fear of theft or fraud. It’s a low-cost way to record transactions transparently that helps underprivileged people around the world to get bank loans easily or to keep their savings secured.

Help People with Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing did not see much progress since the approval of the cochlear implant in 1985. Since then it has been an only cumulative improvement is the existing technology. The devices developed thereafter, have been helpful to a lot of people with hearing loss concern, but are not sure-fire.

Scientists are now working on more futuristic and advanced devices for those who have lost their hearing capabilities later in life. This is the major big step after 1985 to reform hearing technology. According to Professor Tobias Moser (auditory neuroscience at the University Medical Center Göttingen), they are working to revamp the cochlear implant functioning by transforming it from an electrical device to an optical device.

This mechanism they say will convert sound into light and the Micro-LEDs will transmit the information to the brain by reflecting into the genetically converted neurons.

Space Drone

The idea of space Drone comes from NASA who it seems have challenged their talented developers to create a typical Drone that can function inside the space station without the use of “up” and “down”. ArachnoBeeA, the new design would be navigating with the help of cameras and tiny radars. This is a technology that can be helpful for the space scientists in the long run.

Power of Coffee

Whoever wondered that coffee could be so beneficial to mankind apart from just satisfying the caffeine inclined taste buds? We hear that the coffee industry in London produces as much waste as 200,000 tonnes per year. So, what do they do with it? Based on the big idea of Arthur Kay, the owner of Bio-Bean, they would convert 85% of the coffee waste into biofuels that would help heat the buildings during construction and power transport.

Internet for All

The Internet is a necessity these days and also endows the right to access to all. Now, Elon Musk (PayPal founder) is turning to get the internet access in order, for everyone in this world. It’s heard that he’s waiting for the approval to send approx. 4000 small satellites into the low-earth trajectory that would return high-velocity wireless signals to everyone who uses internet on earth. We hear that things are progressing faster since Musk is looking to finish the project by 2020.