How to Use Technical SEO to Optimize for Pinterest Rich Pins

Pinterest can impact search engine rankings, especially Google. However, it doesn't work the way other SEO factors do. This is Google puts pins on the nofollow list. However, they can still serve as a crucial factor for SEO. 

Quality pins with high-resolution images and appealing content, and relevant keywords promote repins and likes. All repined images come with their original links attached to them. This directs more traffic to the website. As people interact with the pins, it increases the quality of backlinks to your website. 

As we know, backlinks are the lifeblood of SEO; more quality backlinks mean better ranking in Google search results.

As alluring and lucrative as it sounds, SEO through Pinterest can go wrong in many ways. 

Firstly, adding a product image doesn't is not going to work unless you make the product accessible to the users. This means you need to provide a buying link to the product. 

You should also take care of the following −

  • Make sure your pins don't lead to the wrong products.

  • A pin with a broken link will lead to nowhere.

  • The product image in the pin must match the image on the website.

Using Technical SEO to Optimize Pinterest Rich Pins

Fix Any Crawling Issue on Your Site

By creating billions of pins, Pinterest aims to help people discover what they love. That's why Pinterest has web crawlers to identify the data type behind every pin.

Downloading image files of each product from your catalog.

Collect rich metadata like price, description, and product availability.

Ensure the site is safe to visit.

This is where Technical SEO can help.

Start by uploading high-quality images to your website. Make sure you use the same image on your site while pinning on Pinterest. It is essential as Pinterest revolves around images. You are more likely to garner likes and engagement if you have a good picture.

When a real Pinterest crawler visits your site, it will do that by sending a valid user agent. This agent is connected to the network of Pinterest. 

Pinterest crawlers also crawl robots.txt. As a result, it will scan the most important pages first and ignore links as directed by you.

With technical SEO, you can increase the crawlability of your site. So, when Pinterest crawls, it can easily index the page files.

Verify the Pinterest Crawler

Pinterest generally crawls using US-based IP addresses. It usually starts with 54.236.1.XXX. However, there is no fixed range for non-US-Based IP addresses. 

Sometimes, malicious sites or bots may access your site, pretending to be crawlers. So, with technical SEO practices such as Reverse DNS lookup, you can verify the crawler's authenticity. 

To verify −

  • Pull out all the IP addresses from the logs. 

  • Use the host command to execute a reverse DNS lookup on these IP addresses.

  • Ensure the domain name is either or

  • Use the host command to run a forward DNA lookup. 

  • Make sure it includes the same IP address as the reverse DNS lookup.

Use robots.txt on the Main Domain

Pinterest doesn't support robots.txt files on subdomains. Therefore, you can use robot.txt on domains to limit's Pinterest access to all contents of a website. This is because a large number of crawl delays can impact Pinterest's content distribution and recommendation. Hence, a crawl delay of up to 1 second is appreciated. 

Help You Get to Pinterest Analytics

Gaining access to precious Pinterest analysts is critical to understanding user behavior. It also allows you to use Rich Pins and other existing insights. To start, you need a business account. Setting up an account is easier than signing up for any social media platform.

Claim Your Website

Claiming your website is an intelligent way to boost your site's domain quality. This makes your site ranks higher in search results. Claiming a website ensures you capture all your content's pins and clickthroughs. 

Claiming your website gives you access to analytics for all pins you published from your site. It also includes analytics for pins others create from your site.

Technical SEO can help claim your website. You can add an HTML tag to your site's source code. Once you have done that, it's time to upload the HTML file to your site. An HTML file helps search crawlers define page layouts and contents, including images, text, and other elements.


With a few extra steps, you can ensure that your content reaches its target audience and is optimized for Pinterest Rich Pins. By doing the key things shared above, SEO optimizing your content for Pinterest Rich Pins will be your gateway to drive traffic back to your website and see strong results from your SEO efforts.

Updated on: 20-Apr-2023


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