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Difference between Packets and Frames

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 28-Aug-2023 10:11:17


A packet is a data unit created in the network layer. A frame is a data unit created in the data link layer. A packet is created first followed by the Frame. Both of them consists of data that is being transferred. What are Packets? A packet is a small fraction of data that is transmitted between the systems through internet. During data transfer, the entire data is not sent as a single unit over the network. The data to be transferred is broken down into multiple segments called packets. Transferring data in small packets increases the speed of data ... Read More

Difference between Native App and Hybrid App

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 28-Aug-2023 10:08:34


Mobile applications have become a crucial aspect of our life in the current digital era. We rely significantly on mobile apps for our daily duties, from placing food orders to reserving rides. There are two main alternatives when it comes to creating a mobile app: Native Apps and Hybrid Apps. Native apps are created using programming languages like Swift or Java for specific platforms like iOS or Android. Yet, Hybrid Apps can operate on various platforms, thanks to a native container and are created using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. What is a Native App? A mobile ... Read More

Difference between Job, Task and Process

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 01-Aug-2023 15:55:52


Job, task, and process are three terms that are used to refer to the work being done in different types of operating systems. In this article, we will have a detailed study of these three terms and how they are different from each other. What is a Process? A program being run is known as a process. A process is referred to as a set of instructions. The process is an active entity, whereas the program is a passive one. When we run a program, it stays on our system's hard drive, and once it enters the main memory, it ... Read More

Difference between Put and Patch Request

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 12-Jul-2023 11:14:12


HTTP is an application layer protocol created to transport data between networked devices. In HTTP, a number of methods are accessible. These methods represent the CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations, in that order. Some HTTP methods share a lot of the same traits. Therefore, before implementing these comparable HTTP methods in an HTTP system, we should thoroughly study them. For instance, there are similarities between the features of the PUT and PATCH methods that may cause confusion. Both are used to update a resource at a particular location. The following are some of the differences between them. What is ... Read More

The Role of Voice Search Optimization in Modern SEO Strategies

Radhika Dadhich
Updated on 09-May-2023 15:04:01


No matter what business you may be in and looking to drive business from the online space, you will know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) always plays a critical role. SEO is, of course, a very dynamic field. If your web pages are to rank high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you need to employ all the SEO strategies that are in sync with the latest SEO trends. Are you losing traffic because people need to search in the way you believe they are? It might be the situation if your website needs to be optimized for ... Read More

Technical SEO for Non-English Websites: A Comprehensive Guide

Arpa Chatterjee
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 17:55:07


There are several technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) considerations to consider while building up a non-English website. Making sure your site ranks well benefits your business and your clients because factors contributing to effective SEO also improve the overall user experience. First and foremost, you want to make sure that users are viewing the appropriate sites for their location when it comes to non-English SEO. Additionally, you want to prevent duplicate content penalties. Thanks to Google's guidance on non-English SEO best practices, there are several steps you can do to raise your ranks. To get past the algorithm and increase ... Read More

How to Use Technical SEO to Optimize for Sitelinks Searchbox Refinements

Arpa Chatterjee
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 17:54:11


Have you ever browsed Google and seen a search box that lets you search a particular website? Sitelinks Searchbox Refinements. This feature makes webpage information easy to discover. How can website owners get their sites into these search box refinements? Technical SEO. Technical SEO for Sitelinks Searchbox Refinements is covered in this blog. This guide's recommended practices will raise your pages' chances of appearing in search box refinements and improve your website's Google search results. Optimizing Site Structure URL Structure Search engines analyze a website's URL structure to determine its content hierarchy and arrangement. Best techniques for URL structure optimization ... Read More

The Role of Technical SEO in Hreflang Tags

Arpa Chatterjee
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 17:50:47


Do you want some assistance attracting more visitors to your website? Do you need help to get a high Google page rank? Technical SEO may be the answer. In this blog, I'll discuss why hreflang tags are so important for technical SEO and how they may be used to improve the performance of charity websites. In this post, you will learn how to optimize hreflang tags for improved search engine exposure and how technical SEO may boost the speed of your website. Hreflang Tags When it comes to Technical SEO, Hreflang tags are crucial. They are used to instruct search ... Read More

Technical SEO for Charity Websites: Tips and Best Practices

Arpa Chatterjee
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 17:49:07


Have you ever used Google to look up a charity and discovered their website to be a nightmare? Or, have you ever felt overwhelmed while trying to increase traffic to your non-profit's website? The answer to these issues may be found in Technical SEO. To boost a website's position in search engine results, one must attend to the site's technical details. Here we'll go over some Technical SEO guidelines and best practices focusing on non-profit organizations. By the time you finish reading this post, you should have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of search engine optimization for charity websites. ... Read More

Technical SEO for Pet Websites: A Complete Guide

Arpa Chatterjee
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 17:48:00


Are you an owner of a website in the pet industry? Then, you know how important it is to rank high in search engine results when people are looking for resources related to their pets. That's where technical SEO comes in! It's tweaking your website's backend code and server configuration to rank higher in SERPs. Here, you'll learn the ins and outs of technical search engine optimization (SEO) and how it may help bring in more customers for your pet-related website. Understanding Technical SEO Search engine optimization for your pet website must include careful attention to technical SEO. Ensuring your ... Read More

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