How to Use Technical SEO to Optimize for Local Teasers

For local businesses, having a powerful online presence has become more important than ever. To ensure that your company's website maintains competitive rankings in local search engine results, it is essential to optimize for both on-page and off-page SEO tactics. In this regard, optimizing for local teasers has gone imperative more than ever.

What is Google Local Teaser?

A local teaser, aka snack pack, is similar to the Google local pack. In the local pack, google shows the location or proximity of the business to you. However, in the local teaser, you will only find images related to your search. It doesn’t include any links or directions to the website. Upon clicking the picture, the page will take you to a local finder. The local finder comes with an enlarged panel containing information about the business.

What Local Teaser is Essential for Your Business?

Local teasers are essential for local businesses like hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. The feature shows a map with different results. This includes the map of the company on the left side. The results also have crucial information like descriptions, reviews, pricing, etc. It also allows you to search businesses by filtering them based on their rating, date ranges, and more.

Using Technical SEO to Optimize Your Business for Local Teasers

Make Your Site Mobile-friendly

Local businesses are something that hugely depends on mobile searches. This is because most people search for local businesses when they are out or planning to go out. Plus, mobile phones have GPS, which is a crucial part of local SEO. This is why Google prefers mobile-friendly websites and easily accessible by everyone on every device.

As a local business owner, develop a responsive design for your website. When Google crawlers crawl into your site, they can easily detect whether the site is mobile-friendly or not. If they don’t find it mobile-friendly, they will be less likely to rank it in search results.

You can use mobile-friendliness tools by Google, duplichecker, smallseotools, technicalseo tools, etc. Visit any site and enter your URL to see if it's mobile-friendly. These tools will scan your site for mobile-friendliness issues and suggest ways to fix them.

Increase Page Loading Speed

The speed at which the site loads plays a significant role in local teasers and Google rankings. A slow-loading site is an indicator of bad technical SEO practices. Meanwhile, a website that loads lightning-fast speed indicates that it cares about the user experience.

There are many factors affecting your page loading site. This includes bad coding, unnecessary scripts, non-optimized images, server-side errors, and more.

Your goal is to identify these flaws and fix them. For starters, you can try lazy loading. This is a feature best for sites with too many images. In this feature, the photos will be loaded in real-time rather than all at a time while browsing. 

This means users will see images as they scroll. This is a feature you generally see on Instagram and Facebook, where you keep scrolling to see more content. 

Make sure to compress your high-resolution and data-heavy images. This will ensure the image loads faster and users can access the site more quickly.

The biggest culprit of slow-loading website scripts. Some scripts take too many resources from your site. This includes scripts from JAVA and CSS. Conduct a site audit through a site auditing tool to identify and remove these power-hungry scripts.

Regarding local SEO, submitting your business to various online directories is one of the most effective ways to build your online presence and improve your search engine rankings.

Optimize Photos & Videos for Your Google Business Profiles

The first thing you need as a business is a logo. The logo helps customers identify your business and will be more likely to feature in the Google business profile. The next thing to do is use a good cover photo representing your brand’s personality. Keep the cover photo at a 16:9 aspect ratio for better visibility.

The interior photos help in understanding the in-store experience of your business. It lets customers get a visual idea of the store, layout, and space. This increases your business’s chance to feature in local teasers.

Videos help explain things that images and texts couldn’t.

Other Photos to Include

  • Goods and servers you offer.

  • The exterior and parking space of your business.

  • Menu and pricing of your business.

  • Business staff assisting customers in creating a positive image.

Best Technical SEO Practices to Optimize Images for Local Teasers

  • Keep the format in jpg or png.

  • Keep the size between 10kb to 5 mb for each image.

  • Use a minimum resolution of at least 720 px tall and 720 px wide.

  • The photos must be focused and shot in a well-lit area. Don’t use any excessive filters or editing.

End Thoughts

By effectively implementing technical SEO strategies, you can drive qualified leads from the local market to your site directly. We hope that this blog post will guide you through defining which aspects of technical SEO are most beneficial for generating traffic from localized online searches. Also do share with us if you have more tips to fine tune those teaser listings!

Updated on: 20-Apr-2023


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