How to Use Technical SEO to Optimize for Local Pack

You must be visible to local searchers seeking your goods or services to get new clients. If your website isn't optimized for local search, you're losing a vast chance to attract new clients in your region and grow your business.

What Is Local SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for local companies focuses on increasing online traffic to physical stores and other local establishments.

Signals like local content, social user profiles, links, and citations are used by search engines to determine what local results are most relevant to a user's query. Companies may reach potential consumers in their area by optimizing their websites for local search.

The goal is to be shown to a user while they do a location-based search for a solution to a problem.

Each of these types of enquiries alerts search engines to a user's geographic location, and each type of question yields local pack or map pack results. While local results are possible on any device, mobiles deserve particular emphasis because of the disproportionately high percentage of location-based mobile searches.

The goal of local search engine optimization is to have a company appear in these local pack results when a user searches with a local focus. For instance, a salon owner might benefit from showing up in "salons near me" search results.

Why Do Companies Care About Their Position In The Local Pack?

Several figures support the significance of local search; for example, 46% of all Google searches have a local purpose, 29% of Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) include local pack results, etc. Realizing that local searches are primarily bottom-funnel or purchase-focused searches is likely the most significant point for companies, but one that is very subjective. 76% of people who do local searches on their phones visit a shop on the same day, which is the closest data we have to support this notion.

Optimizing For Google's Local 3-Pack Using Technical SEO.

Make Google My Business Your Priority

When it comes to local search, Google My Business is now the gold standard. Google My Business is a great way to ensure that your company satisfies Google's standards since Google freely backs, validates, and distributes its material.

You should do the following to get the most out of Google My Business −

  • Make a Google My Business page and make sure it's verified.

  • Login and start using Google Posts.

  • Get your consumers to write online reviews and spread the word!

Don't simply do it for the search engine rankings. It's easier for prospective consumers to locate your business if you have reviews and your contact information and hours are always up to date. More than ever, customers need easy access to up-to-date information as 2020 threatens to shake both buying patterns and corporate practices.

Check Your Local SEO With A Thorough Assessment

It's easy to ease off on the gas after you've mastered the basics. Yet, Search Engine Optimization is an ever-evolving and mostly instinctual procedure. Instead of stopping there or randomly making adjustments to see what works, it is preferable to do a thorough audit to determine the current state of your website and the areas in which it is lacking.

Examination of Your Google Business Profile

How does Google My Business show up when people search for your company? Is this data reliable?

Examining Google's Search Console

Do search engine spiders have trouble navigating your site? Does it include any mistakes that would prevent it from being indexed?

Website Audit for On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Does your web page design allow for all the essential on-page SEO components?

Checking References

Do the leading business directories provide accurate citations for your company?

Analysis of the Competition

How does your site compare to those of your rivals? How do you do in terms of backlinks, content, design, and SEO placement compared to the competition?

Inspecting Websites

How effective is your online presence currently?

Make Sure You've Got A Suitable URL, Title Tags, Headers, Meta Description, And Content

Regarding content, each new blog post is a new chance to rise in the search engine rankings by targeting a specific geographic search term (SERP).

Remember to include high-traffic keywords in your content's URL, title, header, meta description, and body while writing for the web. Highlighting client success stories and case studies will help if you're struggling to develop geo-targeted content.

You may improve your ranking in "near me" local searches by including more detailed information in these assets (especially for each location of your company).

Monitor Search Engine Performance And Expand Regional Websites

Although not definitive, rankings may be used to gauge the effectiveness of a local search marketing strategy on a per-city or per-zip basis.

Local landing pages should always have the newest schema code base, calls to action, and design features to provide a positive user and page experience.

Your brand's global ranking and conversion rate may benefit from all this. Instead of spending time and resources having your team create new page templates, consider using one of the many locally optimized landing page platforms.

Get Authoritative And Relevant Inbound Links

Links from other sites are a great way to increase your domain authority and enhance your local SEO rankings since they show Google that you are an established business. Obtaining backlinks may be done in a number of different ways:

  • Partnerships and Sponsorships

  • Participant Blogging

  • Scholarships

You may begin by reaching out to the people already in your sphere of influence, such as the local Chamber of Commerce, BID, licensing bureau, trade groups, resellers, suppliers, manufacturers, etc.

You may connect with influential individuals and the public by holding or sponsoring events, such as webinars or meet-ups, and by supporting local causes and businesses you care about. In addition, practice approaching partners to enquire about being included in their partner directory.

Becoming a guest blogger may also increase your link popularity. Talk well with other professionals and serve as a resource for your field's members. You may increase your visibility via backlinks, followers, and press by participating in community discussions.


Every brick-and-mortar business must be visible to potential customers when they search online for the goods and services they provide. If you optimize your listings and content for local search, your brand may rise to the top of results, attract more consumers, and see year-over-year growth in sales and profits.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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