How To Use Technical SEO To Optimize For Video Carousels

You can use technical SEO for more than just your website or blog. It's now a significant consideration in YouTube's ranking algorithm.

Video carousel is an updated version of their original 2003 visual content-rich knowledge graph. Interactive and content-rich display results, typically photos and videos, are returned in this type of search results.

Google's Carousel Videos

Google's carousel feature displays images, reviews, videos, and ratings in response to a user's search for an excellent Mexican dining restaurant. Google's mission is to provide its users with the most helpful information in any format they need. Google now displays photos of popular.

Businesses can attract more customers by producing high-quality content and ranking well in these search results. The website owner gains substantially if Google features images, reviews, or videos from that website. Depending on the popularity of the relevant keywords, these sites can attract tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of visitors every month simply through organic means.

The fact that you avoid the fierce competition for the top spots is another major perk of appearing in the Google Carousel results. As a result, you can save money on advertising because more people will find your site through natural means.

Google's Carousel Videos: How Do They Work?

Carousel no longer provides a vertical pack of local listings for some local queries but rather a horizontal bar of 20 image-based results. These top 20 results are now the de facto top results. It improves the user experience by presenting more visual views of results in a smaller area for non-local terms.

If you do a local search and click on a carousel result, you'll be taken to a new SERP where you can conduct a branded search for that company in that area.

Enhancing The Performance Of Video Carousels

As a video maker, you should know that satisfying a user's search query is essential to raising these video results' rankings. If a user is looking for instructions on cleaning a table and you have that exact video, your chances of making it onto the carousel are much higher.

In layperson's terms, a video's ranking will be determined by how well it satisfies the user's search intent. As a result, it's crucial to produce brief videos that directly address users' needs. Search engines like Google put a lot of emphasis on answering users' questions rather than just finding results that match their queries.

To increase your site's visibility, more than creating the video is required; you must also optimize its text. If you want your site or video to appear in search results, use a title as close as possible to the most searched queries. You can also optimise your site for this Google feature using reputable SEO services.

The thumbnail you choose for your video is another factor that matters greatly. Many overlook this, but a thumbnail represents an excellent opportunity to increase your click-through rate.

But watch out for creating clickbait-y thumbnails that don't give users what they're after. Keep the picture on topic and address the video's textual needs. Once you've optimized all these factors, your chances of entering the carousel will increase dramatically.

Optimize Your Video Carousels With Technical SEO

First And Foremost, Read The Video Description

The video description is where you can expand on the video's topic. Using this feature, you can increase your video's chances of showing up in Google search results for relevant terms.

When comparing a video description to a meta-description on more conventional, text-based pages, you'll notice that the former gives you more room to elaborate. Currently, the maximum allowed length for a description is 5000 characters. You can give a detailed description while also incorporating numerous semantic keywords.

Video Tags Are Crucial

Google's ranking system has yet to give up on meta-tag keywords. They are still helpful today and can aid in your videos being found by more people in your intended demographic.

Using video tags allows for more precise and detailed descriptions of video content. They provide more room for you to insert keywords that you want your video to rank for.

Keep An Eye On The Timestamps

Timestamps are another technical aspect of SEO that requires your attention. Using timestamps effectively can keep viewers engaged and lengthen their viewing sessions. This benefits your SEO because watch time is a major ranking factor.

Time stamp your video with keywords that will be used in searches. By letting them skip to the parts of the video that interest them the most, this strategy is also great for retention. You can include timestamped keywords about your products to increase video-based leads and conversions.

Potential Future Gains From Using Google Carousels

Experts in search engine optimization agree that Google has no plans to stop offering this service anytime soon. This is so because it improves search results' quality, speed, and accuracy. Google's team is constantly improving the effectiveness of their search algorithms across all platforms, from desktop to mobile.

Experts say that search volume has not decreased significantly despite Google's frequent and significant updates. Therefore, it is safe to assume that optimizing websites for carousels is well worth the time and energy expended.

Carousels will play an increasingly important role in providing the most relevant answers to a wide range of questions as the number of internet users continues to rise.

The latest research indicates that the travel and hospitality sector accounts for 33% of the carousel results, the restaurant sector accounts for 27%, the entertainment sector accounts for 5%, and the remaining 14% is made up of a variety of other sectors. In light of this, let's examine why you should follow suit and optimize your site for this feature.


The best time to optimize your site is now before search engine optimization practices shift entirely in the future. To succeed in the digital world, you must invest in professional SEO services immediately and increase your organic traffic by appearing in Google's Carousel Results. Once you achieve high rankings for particular keywords, you can provide a significant advantage to your rivals. These Google carousels can bring in a lot of visitors for little to no cost in advertising.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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