How to use images while developing iOS App in a Simulator?

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Sometimes we need to test our iOS app with multiple cases and we may not have physical device all the time. For example if we need to see if image upload is working correctly but we do not have an actual iPhone then we may need to add more images to the simulator and test from there. Adding images to simulator is an easy task and can be done in a few different ways. Some of them are mentioned below.

Method 1

  • Open Simulator app

  • Select the image you want to add

  • Drag and drop it in the simulator

  • It will be added to the photos app in simulator.

Method 2

  • Open Safari browser on the simulator

  • Search for the image you want to add

  • Tap on it for 1-2 seconds and a popup will appear

  • Click on save image.

The image will be added to photos app in simulator.

Method 3

  • Open finder and go to the following local address.

  • Copy the image you want to copy

  • Paste in the location,

You should be able to find the image in photos app of the simulator, if not, restart the simulator

Updated on 30-Jun-2020 05:25:46