How to select the hair dye that suits you?

Choosing the right hair dye that suits you the best involves consideration of three elements. Your skin tone, your eyes, and your personal style. You can also seek help from a professional colorist as they are very good at figuring out what blend is perfect for you.

Nonetheless, if you want to do it yourself, understanding the above three elements needs your attention. Let’s understand how.

Your Skin Tone

  • A colour that doesn’t match the colour of your skin, no matter how attractive it appears to you, will do more harm than good. For a simple reason, it won’t complement your skin colour and may end up making your skin look dull and dreary.

  • You have to understand whether your skin is warm or cold. If your skin falls under the warm category, I mean having yellowish-brownish-goldish undertones, you must go for a warm colour that prevents you from looking non-energetic or tired.

  • On the other hand, if your skin colours are cold, like pale or olive complexion, you should go for a colour that is shiny. A hair dye that suits your skin tone will enhance your natural beauty and make you appear glowy.

Your Eyes

  • There is no doubt that your skin tone plays a crucial role in determining which hair colour to go for, your eyes also have to do a lot in making your sting for the best hair colour a success.

  • If you have brown eyes, chestnut browns, coffee colour, and honey blondes are some spectacular colours that will complement the colour of your eye by making them shine. Likewise, icy blonde is an excellent option for those with blue, grey, green and green-hazel eyes.

Personal Style

  • After carefully delving deep into your skin tone and your eyes, the next big thing that needs to be considered is to match your hair colour with your personal style because your style does matter.

  • As we all think differently, we all also like to dress differently. So, focus on what your outfits say about you, and then choose a colour that brings out the best of your personality and makes you look more confident.

  • If your attire describes you as daring, then go for hues that match it. Well, choosing the best hair colour for you requires numerous efforts to understand your body and the parts that most visible to all.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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