How to remove the summer tan from your skin?

It is quite common during summers that our skin gets tanned due to the hot sun. Removal of tan is very important to keep our skin beautiful and healthy. Along with the products available in the market, there are many natural ways to remove the suntan.

Here are a few tips that would really work

  • Take a slice of Lemon and rub on your skin for the tan removal.

  • A mixture of Besan powder, turmeric, and milk when applied on the tanned skin for 20-30 minutes, helps in the removal of tan.

  • A 30-minute pack of crushed potatoes and lemon juice also reduces tan.

  • Cucumber extract, Lemon juice, and Rosewater can be mixed in equal proportions to apply on the tanned skin.

  • A simple face pack made out of 4-5 strawberries crushed with 2 tablespoons of milk can also help in tan reduction.

  • Massaging with bitter gourd juice can also help in tan reduction.

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with buttermilk and massage the tanned area with the paste.

  • A half-cup of Papaya and a spoonful of honey can also be applied to the tanned skin which is washed after 30 minutes.

  • Mix some powder made out of red lentils with tomato juice and Aloe Vera extract and massage the tan effected area for better relief.

  • A 30-minute pack of tomato and yogurt can also help you well.

  • Apply some paste of sandalwood powder and rose water on the tan effected areas.

  • A face pack made with pineapple pulp and honey if applied for 20 minutes can be very effective.

It’s better to treat your skin every alternate day in summer so as to keep it away from tanning. However, the usage of sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 30 will help avoid the tanning of the skin in a better way.

Updated on: 22-Apr-2022


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