How to quit smoking?

Everybody knows that smoking cigarette and consuming tobacco is injurious to health and can cause many dangerous diseases including cancer. But still people start smoking from the early teenage and the moment they realize this bitter truth, it’s too late to understand the reality, as it becomes very difficult for them to quit cigarette and tobacco.

To make a decision that you are finally ready to quit smoking and tobacco is just the halfway journey. Knowing the tips where to start on this path to quit smoking can really help you to take your journey to the destination.

Let us see some best tips which can help you to get rid of this bad habit.

Set a Quit Day

Just after deciding that you want to quit smoking, you need to set a start day from when you want to get away from smoking and tobacco. So, pick a start day in the near future which can give you enough time to prepare and follow these tips:

  • Tell everyone about quit date

  • Throw all cigarettes

  • Decide a replacement for it

  • Join a quit smoking community

  • Get support from a person who has successfully quit this habit and can help you

  • Never get around those people who smoke

  • Try to make yourself busy

  • Add more and more water and juice to your diet

  • Consume less or avoid alcohol

Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy

  • Avoiding tobacco or getting rid of smoking without the help of nicotine replacement therapy, medication is a very effective way to quit smoking. However, as per the research, only around 6% of such quit attempts are successful.

Look for Behavioural Support

  • Your physical and emotional dependence on smoking makes it very difficult to get rid of nicotine after your quit day. To achieve success in quitting, you need to handle these dependencies.

  • Try to look for counseling services, self-help materials, and behavioral support services, that can help you to get through this tough time. So that your physical symptoms get better over time and will also improve your emotional ones.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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