How to overcome laziness and the habit of postponing things?

I believe that postponing a thing is not only an addiction but also an evil. It not only delays the existing work, which has to be done on time but also leaves no scope for new ideas, innovations and other experiments to come in the work environment or even in academics. It is important to eliminate any form of laziness from our professional and personal traits. Here are some methods that can be deployed to tackle the problem of procrastination and laziness -

Make Public Announcement

It can be a proper announcement to your staff or team personally or through portals like social media, notices, etc. The announcement about your commitment to complete the work keeps you on high alert and also accountable to the people. Not completing the task on or before time then creates guilt in your mind as there is a commitment made at the larger circle.

Set goals

Procrastination begins when there is no aim or ambition in life. Set targets and goals for each and every day. Add sticky notes on your wall, write on the white board, note it on your phone and at the end of the day strike the targets of the list. It gives a great sense of achievement and accomplishment. Great people have been able to achieve great things only when great goals were set.

Talk To A Motivator

Laziness actually expands and grows in your mind when you are in the company of lazy people. Develop the habit of talking to motivating and inspiring people who push you to do something better and bigger. These people bring a different aura and spirit which get passed to you automatically. With them, every single minute becomes precious and important to accomplish the existing and additional tasks.

Do Nothing and Introspect

There are times when you really want to do something afterward and not at the moment. At such points, sit back and introspect deeply. Think about the consequences of doing the work late and how this can develop into an ugly everyday habit. It automatically sets you on the trajectory of right time management and avoids delay in your work schedule.

Reward Yourself

It is sometimes necessary to motivate your own self and not wait for anyone else. When you have completed a task on time go to a cafeteria or restaurant and give yourself a big treat. In case of huge goal accomplishments, go for trips and rejuvenate your own self as well.

Updated on: 20-May-2022


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