How to maintain a proper growth of hair?

Having well-maintained and good hair can be one of the persons best assets. Nobody wants to start losing hair and go bald. Although it is common for people to lose hair on a regular basis, they do not lose hair in a large amount. An average person loses hair on a daily basis but people with long hair are the ones who are most prone to hair fall as it is harder for the long hair to stay on the scalp for long. Here are some tips for having a steady and healthy hair growth rate.

Don’t Over Use Hair Products

Hair products are used by almost everyone these days and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The only sad truth about hair products is that the products that are widely available in the market are all processed with chemicals and it won’t be good for the hair in the long run. Even though many organic hair products are available in the market they are overpriced and not many people opt to buy these products. Hair products on long hair can be bad as the products make the hair weigh down even more and make it look flat and lifeless.

Using a Proper Hairbrush

People do not understand the value of using a proper hairbrush but it is very essential to have a proper hairbrush as it does the job of keeping your hair in an orderly fashion. The best type of brushes to buy are the ones that have natural bristles along with rounded bristles. Though these brushes are firm, they are still gentle and won’t pull your hair out much. Having a wide-toothed comb is also worthy as it easily untangles the hair.

Naturally Drying Your Hair

The best way to dry your hair after a hair wash is to let it dry on its own. Most people nowadays use hair dryers in order to get their hair dry faster, but that is very dangerous, especially because most of the people are tempted to put the dryer on full heat in order to dry their hair quicker but what they don’t realize is the heat, which actually damages hair. Gently patting wet hair with a towel and then leaving it is the best we can do.

How Regularly You Wash Your Hair

Most people have a tendency to wash their hair every day thinking that this will keep their hair healthy and shiny. What they do not realize is that every time their hair is washed it is being stripped of its natural oils that will result in the drying of the hair. Washing your hair every other day or at least twice a week will keep the hair healthy. Use a good quality conditioner in order to keep them soft and ensure to run the hairbrush all along the hair in order to spread the natural oils will be good for hair.