How to include ghee in my diet other than having them on chapatis?

Ghee is very important to consume in order to lead a healthy life because of its nutrient values. Health conscious freaks shun the use of it nowadays, but one must consume it, even though in varying amounts depending on our age and occupation.

Ways To Consume Ghee

1. Make Sweet Dishes Like Halva Using Ghee: I remember when I was a child when mummy used to prepare halva in the kitchen, the aroma used to fill in the whole house. This way, one can include ghee in our diet.

2. Make Parathas: If you do not want to apply Ghee over a chapati, add it to parathas while rolling the paratha over the rolling board.

3. Add It To Dal Tadka: We make Indian recipes of dal by giving it a 'Tadka' with Ghee, Onion, Tomato, cumin seeds, and Chili. In this manner, Ghee will be a part of our diet, and we will not even feel the taste of ghee as raw as in case of chapati.

4. Make Ghee Rice: Rice is rich in carbohydrates and is even the staple food of most parts of the country. Tempering it with Ghee, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and chana dal, urad dal can give it an authentic south Indian touch.

5. Eat Jaggery and Ghee Post Meals: Jaggery is known to reduce acidity. So, if one consumes jaggery with Ghee, molten jaggery if not that broken into pieces, one knows for sure, that there will not be any trouble in the stomach post meals.

6. Eat Roasted Gram with Ghee: Roasted chana is said to be the food or even the horses. So, if one wants to feel ever energetic, this combination of chana and ghee is what one should consume.

Thus, these are the easily feasible options of including Ghee to one's diet without getting that raw ghee smell when one puts ghee over one's chapati.