How to get rid of swollen fingers in winters?

Winters are quite harsh in certain countries and even in some parts of our own country, India. In such cases, the consequences might be unpleasant too, such as the swelling of the fingers, dry skin and the like.

Below are some tips to treat your swollen fingers:

  • One of the popular ways is to apply lukewarm mustard oil and massage the oil and rub it onto the swollen fingers of the hands and the feet extensively.

  • The other way could be soaking the swollen fingers of feet and hands in warm water. This will help in providing some sort of relief to the swollen parts.

  • Use antibiotics and other skin related ointments under the supervision and advice of a proper skin specialist. The dermatologist will observe the severity of the case and suggest the appropriate treatment for it.

  • Avoid or in fact completely shun the consumption of cauliflower, rajma, lobia, Kabuli chana, potato vegetables. These are gastric in nature and induce swelling.

  • Drink warm water, with some ginger extract in it if possible. If the smell of the ginger is unpleasant, drink only warm water.

  • The ingredient like potato found in everybody’s kitchen is quite helpful in curing the swollen fingers. Cut a potato and add some salt to it. Now apply it all over the affected parts.

  • Soaking the affected areas in a mixture of marigold flowers and some salt reduces swelling to a large extent.

  • Apply some lemon juice on the affected area and it will heal the swelling.

  • Apply onion on the affected area and it will give quick relief from itching as well as from swelling as it will increase the blood flow.