How to get rid of Love Bites?

In the middle of your busy plans, you and your loved one attempt and spare as much time as possible to catch up some romantic moments together. And there are times when you get a bit of naughty, and in the heat of the time, the naughty act leaves dark red, blue-purple spots normally termed as love bites.

Here are few tips that can assist you to root out those deep love marks.

Ice Packs

Ice packs are termed to be the superior cooling agents in such conditions. Put an ice pack as early as possible. You can also cover the ice in a cloth and put it on the high-flown area for sometime around 15-20 minutes. By getting hold of it and putting the ice pack again on the bite in daily intervals, will lessen the swelling as soon as it will reduce down the spot and the pain.


Another effectual tool to cover the love bites is by putting easy cosmetic tricks. The green-shade concealer is one of the superior ways as it nullifies the red shades of the skin. Put a foundation that's a bit lighter than your skin tone, straight away on the love bites and all over it.

Use A Toothpaste

You can also apply some toothpaste on it. Lightly rub a small portion of the toothpaste on it and keep it for sometimes. It might sting for a while, but once that comes to a standstill, utilize a warm washcloth and lightly remove it. If the spots don't ease within 24 hours repeat the procedure.

If you don't have sufficient time to attempt any of these procedures then put on a high necked or a turtleneck top. You can also use a scarf or a stole to hide the ones on your neck. Also, open your hair down as that will also assist to cover the love bites.