How to break your addictions in a step by step manner?

We develop many habits while growing up. Some habits like smoking, drinking etc., become addictions and have a negative impact on life. Addictions are difficult to get rid of.

The following steps might help you to break your addictions:

  • First of all, you should plan for the change of habit. Chances are you've already tried it in the past. But you failed on the grounds that you didn't have the proper planning or depended excessively on the resolution.

  • Self-control is like a muscle. It can get worn out and exhausted by using it too much. This means sometimes you may not be able to control your temptations due to excessive stress.

  • We can't succeed if we attempt to change various habits at the same time. Everyone requires a lot of determination which abandons you in a glucose-depleted state.

  • Most of us might have tried cold turkey which is to stop an activity completely at once. Most of the people who follow this fail after staying away from their addictions for a week or so but eventually get back to their previous routine as we are not perfect and a sudden change cannot be accepted by the body.

  • The ideal approach to creating a permanent change is to concentrate on everyday improvements. Quitting cold turkey is not always successful. Rather, it's smarter to concentrate on slow development where you gradually improve yourself.

  • Suppose you smoke 15 cigarettes every day. Just stick to incremental goals, for example, 10 cigarettes each day for the first two weeks. 8 cigarettes each day for the next 2 weeks and so on till you completely stop.

  • All addictions have some activity that happens in advance. This cue is the trigger which starts a desire to get rewarded. The routine is the move you make to fulfill this trigger. The reward is the fulfillment you feel from following this addiction or the elimination of stress which was created by the cue.

  • The fascinating thing about negative behavior patterns is they regularly originate from craving to get a reward. Generally, we do them since we need to feel cheerful, invigorated, relaxed or accepted. The plus point is that you can substitute the bad habit to fulfill your cravings.

  • Make a couple of strategies which you'll follow whenever you encounter a cue. The objective here is to locate a positive habit that will give a similar inclination you get with a bad habit, without following the negative routine.

  • It'll take many days of experimentation to distinguish the ideal substitution habit, and in the end, you'll discover something that works. Now, you have to adjust your actions to this substitution rather than the bad habit.

  • Track your everyday attempts to change the habit. The more data you collect, the easier it is to comprehend what influences your inclination or mood.

  • Unfortunately, there will be individuals who will try to discourage your endeavor to improve. Their words can be discouraging since they'll surge your brain with self-restricting beliefs. The minute you begin trusting them is the minute you'll take the first step to fall back again.