How do I download Selenium RC?

We can download Selenium RC by downloading the Java jar file − selenium−server−standalone.jar. We have to download and extract the zip file to do the actual installation.

Using the Java Client Driver, the installation can be done by the below steps −

  • To run the Selenium RC server, Java should be installed properly and the path of the environment variable correctly set. To check if Java is installed run the command −

java −version

  • Then the selenium−java jar file is to be extracted.

  • Open an IDE say, Eclipse.

  • Create a Java project.

  • Associate the selenium−java jar files to the project.

  • Add the classpath of the selenium−java jar to the project.

  • Export a script to a Java file from the Selenium IDE and add it to the Java project.

  • Run the Selenium server with the command −

java −jar selenium−server−standalone−<version−number>.jar
  • Run the test from the Java IDE or from the command line.

Updated on: 28-Nov-2020


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