How to Download & Install Selenium WebDriver?

We can download and install Selenium webdriver. This can be done with the following steps −

  • Installation of Java JDK.
  • Eclipse IDE installation.
  • Installation of Selenium driver files.

Installation of Java JDK

Step1 − Navigate to the below link −

Step2 − Click on JDK Download.

Step3 − Depending on operating system we have, click on the link and complete the download −

Step4 − Launch the Advanced System settings.

Step5 − Click on the Environmental Variables button.

Step6 − In the System Variables section, click on New and then type JAVA_HOME under the Variable name field and the path of the jdk in the Variable value field.

Step7 − Scroll down to the Path field within the System Variables section. Then click on Edit and type the below path of the Java bin folder. Finally, save the changes.

Step8 − To verify if Java has been successfully installed and configured, we can execute the command java -version from the terminal.

Eclipse IDE installation

Step1 − Navigate to the below link −

Step2 − Click on the Download button.

Step3 − An executable file gets downloaded.

Step4 − Double-click on the downloaded executable file. Then click on the option Eclipse IDE for Java Developers in the new window.

Step5 − Provide the Installation Folder path and then click on the Install button from the new window.

Step6 − The new window shall now open the Eclipse welcome screen.

Installation of Selenium driver files

Step1 − Navigate to the below link −

Step2 − Scroll down to the Selenium Client & WebDriver Language Bindings section and click on the Download link for Java.

Step3 − After the download is completed, a zip file gets created in our system. We have to extract this file and then later import the JARs to Eclipse.

Step4 − Open Eclipse, click on File-> New-> Java Project.

Step4 − Give a project name and click on Finish.

Step5 − Right-click on the newly created project and then click New-> Package. Input a Package name and click on Finish.

Step6 − Right-click on the newly created package and then click on New -> Class. Provide a class name and click on Finish.

Step7 − The project structure should be −

Step8 − Right-click on the Java Project then click on Properties.

Step9 − Click on Java Build Path in the Properties window.

Step10 − Move to the Libraries tab. Then click on Add External JARs. Browse and add all the JARs inside and outside the libs folder.

Step11 − The below image shows the list of JARs to be added to configure Selenium Driver files. Click on Apply and Close.

Step12 − Package Explorer shall show all the JARs added to the Project.

Step13 − Navigate to the below link −

Step14 − Scroll down to the Browser section and to download the browser drivers for different browsers.