Why Selenium RC is deprecated?

Selenium RC is a key part in Selenium. It is a framework for testing that allows testers and developers to design test scripts in multiple languages to automate frontend UI test cases.

It has a client library and a server that starts and quits the browser sessions by default.

Selenium RC is deprecated because of the reasons listed below −

  • Selenium RC comprises an additional layer of JavaScript known as the core which makes it slower.

  • Selenium RC has complicated and redundant APIs.

  • Selenium RC is not compatible with the HTMLUnit browser (required for headless execution).

  • Selenium RC has in-built HTML report generation features for test results.

  • Selenium RC has selenium.typeKeys and selenium.type APIs which have similar tasks. While Selenium webdriver has only one method sendKeys which takes care of all inputting tasks.

  • Selenium RC cannot be used for testing mobile applications like android phones, iphone, iPad, and so on.

  • Maintaining a large regression suite is difficult in Selenium RC.

  • Additional software and third-party APIs are not supported in Selenium RC.

  • Not capable of executing Selenium webdriver scripts from Selenium RC.

  • Has in−built report generation features but it is not upto to the mark.

  • Installation of Remote Control Server is required prior to running of scripts in Selenium RC.

  • Command related usage is present in Selenium RC.

  • Execution is slower in Selenium RC as it has the JavaScript program known as the core. Selenium core works closely with the browser.

  • Less of object oriented usage in APIs for Selenium RC.

  • Has a complicated architecture and operates in between the end−user and the browser.

  • Has a very limited community support for development in Selenium RC.

Selenium RC architecture is illustrated in the below image −

Img src − https://www.tutorialspoint.com/selenium/selenium_rc.htm