How can we improve traffic congestion in India?

The number of cars on India's roads has been doubling every 8-10 years—and it's costing the country. A WHO study from 2014 found that 13 of the world's 20 most polluted cities are in India. The country experiences 120,000 deaths per year due to traffic fatalities, more than any other country.

To improve the traffic conditions in India, there are certain things that have to be followed by the Government, private sector and also citizens.

  • City governments in India have to focus on investing in road expansions and overpass construction projects.

  • The public transport services have to be improved, curbing the car dependence. Carpooling has to be encouraged by the organizations and societies.

  • We need more Indian businesses to take the steps to implement transport demand management (TDM) strategies, improving the productivity of their employees and reducing the social costs of car congestion.

  • It is seen that IT employees in India use private cars to commute to and from work. Initiatives have to be taken to provide employees with commuter subsidies for public transport or carpooling. Companies can allot preferred parking locations for employees who choose to carpool.

  • Companies have to invest in providing buses that transport workers from nearby metro stations to offices, providing much-needed "last-mile connectivity." This will help in reducing travel time and significant cost savings for employees.