How much willing you are to improve traffic conditions in India?

Driving a car in India is really a challenge. The constant increase in vehicles, small lanes, and uncontrollable traffic conditions is creating a lot of stress when people get on the road with a two wheeler or four wheeler.

As a citizen, I want the traffic conditions in India to be improved. I have a few suggestions to the authorities and request them to implement the same.

  • Check speed violations and issue challans immediately.

  • Road encroachments should be arrested and roads should be widened to fit the increasing traffic.

  • Strict laws for auto rickshaws, share autos and maxi-vans should be implemented to avoid illegal vehicles blocking the road.

  • Most importantly the R.T.O officials and Traffic police should do their duty sincerely and do not accept bribes and should not allow vehicles of poor condition to come on the road.

From their side, even people should indulge in carpooling and follow traffic rules, so that traffic congestion and pollution will be reduced.