How can we remove corruption from India?

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Corruption in India is as old as the human civilization itself. In the Arthashastra, Kautilya mentions, “the fish in the water definitely drinks it, the man who touches the honey surely tastes it, an official amidst public money corrupts it.” Corruption in India exists in various forms and levels from bribe to scams and it is extremely deep-rooted in the system.

While corruption cannot be removed from the system completely at one go, the following are the steps that can be taken to minimize corruption at the macro as well as the grassroots level:

  • E-governance − With the setting in of Information and Communication Technologies, E-governance is becoming more prominent in India. This helps in getting appropriate information, establishing accountability and building transparency. Thus, it lays the foundation of Good Governance by apt utilization of allotted economic resources.

  • Education − The Educators play a very important role in creating awareness about the detrimental effects of Corruption in India and the important ways students can eliminate it as the future citizens of the country.

  • Conditions of services − There is no denial of the fact that the officials of government especially in Class II, III and IV are not working under remarkable conditions everywhere. Clerical and administrative load, monotonous work routine, rigid hierarchy, etc provokes lethargy among the public servant and thus they find easy routes to make money.

  • Lok Ayukta and Lok Pal − A crucial role in eliminating corruption can be played by strong Lok Pal and Lokayukta. Lok Pal helps in inquiring about the corruption allegations made against a Public Servant thereby trying to bring about transparency in governmental proceedings. The word Lokpal literally means ‘protector of the people’. While the Lokpal functions at the Central level, the Lokayukta and Upa-Lokayukta functions at the state level.

  • Stopping bribery − Corruption exists by the process of giving and taking of both cash and kind. To stop the process of intake of corrupt means of income, the process of giving and encouraging bribery has to be stopped from an individual citizen level. It is only from the grass-root level and with active citizens that we can actually tackle the issue of corruption.

Published on 28-Dec-2018 10:30:34