How can data mining improve market segmentation?

EAI Solutions are changing from middleware messaging systems to Business process Integration. The EAI market is concentrated generally on the layers of the OSI model for EAI, viz., Integration middleware, and Interface Syntax. The main reason for the target on these two layers is the immaturity of the EAI industry and also that profits are simpler to produce in these two layers.

Platform Integration − This supports connectivity between heterogeneous hardware, operating frameworks, and application platforms. There are several technologies supporting platform integration are −

  • Messaging − this is for asynchronous connectivity

  • Remote Procedure Calls − Synchronous connectivity

  • Object Request Brokers − Both types of connectivity

The logic for linking each application should be defined either through code or pre-coded applications adapters. Additional functionality is needed to reconcile the differences in data definition in the system. This can be completed by hand-coding or by the use of data translations and transformation products. Logic is needed for message routing and this can be supported either through hand-coding or by a Message Broker.

Data Integration − There are two types of data integration are as follows −

  • Database gateways such as Sybase DirectConnect, Information Builders EDA SQL, and Oracle Open Gateway which supports SQL access to heterogeneous data sources. They are synchronous data access products and needed software developers with knowledge in database designs.

  • There are several tools for Extracting, Transforming, Moving and Loading Data- ETML tools −

    • They are array or point-in-time solutions appropriate for the original loading of a data warehouse or huge batch transfers. They extract and load data directly bypassing software logic. ETML vendors are reaching functionality through messaging support.

Component Integration − Hub and spoke integration-hub provides some of the integration. Application servers are used to support data access to several relational database sources applications adapters to packaged software and middleware services like messaging are also accessible.

Process Integration − This supports the highest level of abstraction and flexibility for an EAI solution. This allows managers to describe, monitor, and change business processes through a graphical modeling interface.

Business Process Modeling supports business users and analysts to describe how data flows across systems and organizational boundaries through a graphical model and declarative language rather than programming. The integration solution is created from the model. When changes are needed, they can be created in the model and the same can be recreated in the solution. Simulation can also be completed before the execution of the solution.